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Volnaya Staya Volnaya Staya Volnaya Staya Volnaya Staya Volnaya Staya Volnaya Staya

Interview Volnaya Staya Cultura em Peso Underground. 25.02.2009

Cultura em Peso Underground

Created for the popularization of underground stage and music, the Cultura portal had begun to work at july 2008.
But main events were some early, when Cremogem published interview and promo materials in the photo log. By the time this log became very popular, and necessary to raise it to the next stage appeared. After year of hard works this project became an independence
and powerful.

Most recently Cremogem came across the Volnaya staya group. It found the band as very interesting and interviewed girls by the first contact.


Tribute To Steel: A Tribute To Warlock 2008

Germany's Pure Steel Records has just released Tribute To Steel: A Tribute To Warlock. This is the first official WARLOCK / Doro Pesch tribute album and it features many of heavy metal's best up and coming bands, as well as a special appearance by the members of WARLOCK themselves. It is worth to notice, that Volnaya Staya is the single Russian band, which took part in this Tribute!

Track list:

  1. Warlock Earthshaker Rock
  2. Ivory Tower Cold, cold world
  3. Volnaya Staya I rule the ruins
  4. Custard Metal tango
  5. Crystal Viper Mr. Gold
  6. Boomerang Three minute warning
  7. The Mystery Bad blood
  8. Sabaton Fu"r immer
  9. Bone Shaker Out of control
  10. Lonewolf True as steel
  11. Emerald Burning the witches
  12. Capital Sin All we are
  13. Eternal Winter Touch of evil
  14. Ravage Cold, cold world

Volnaya Staya sincerely thanks all our friends:
1. Bart Gabriel (music journalist, producer and manager. Editor in chief of the HARD ROCKER MAGAZINE, owner of the HARD ROCKER MANAGEMENT (ex-DRAGONIGHT AGENCY))
2. Volker (SwordBrothers Productions Booking / Organization / Management, Germany)
It was a great honour for us to perform this unfading song of Warlock!

Download Download Track Volnaya Staya I rule the ruins Volnaya Staya I rule the ruins

Interview Volnaya Staya with Natalie, Marina and Xenia by Wojtek Gabriel, June 2008

Volnaya Staya

Interview Volnaya Staya with Natalie, Marina and Xenia by Wojtek Gabriel, June 2008

I don't think British metal fans are well familiar with the Russian scene. For me Arija, Moscow's legendary heavy metal outfit are one of the greatest metal bands ever and I also know and like many other Russian traditional bands. Volnaya Staya is quite new to the scene and quite interesting, as you don't get many all-female bands in heavy metal in general. The band's beginnings were quite unusual as well. The father of the band is Alexey Strike of the Russian thrash legend Master, who is also the composer and producer for the band. As you can read in their biography, Volnaya Staya just filled in a spot after 80's female fronted acts, Markiza and Primadonna. As I liked the girls' debut album Staya I decided to do a short interview with them. Here's the result.


An interview of Volnaya Staya for Polish portal Hard Rock Service

An interview of Volnaya Staya for Polish portal Hard Rock Service one of the biggest european resources, devoted to hard & heavy music.
Image Interview


Volnaya Staya joins Dragonight Agency


We're happy to announce official cooperation between Dragonight Agency, and the Russian all-female Heavy Metal band VOLNAYA STAYA.

Girls are currently working on English version of their debut CD Staya, and are already confirmed for the forthcoming A TRIBUTE TO WARLOCK CD compilation that will show up next year.

Volnaya Staya
Volnaya Staya joins Dragonight Agency

Metal Maidens: Metal and Hard Rocking Ladies Encyclopedia

The Interviev Of Volnaya Staya Group For Metal Maidens Internet Project

Toine & Rita van Poorten: We're so glad to know, that women in Russia do rock hard as well. When I heard VOLNAYA STAYA, I just couldn't believe my ears. This all-female band plays a pure form of heavy metal and I definitely see them as a big promise for the future. Language didn't seem to be a problem (everybody speaks the language of heavy metal, right?) and we're very proud to introduce you to the best all-female heavy metal band, Russia has got to offer: VOLNAYA STAYA. Read on to know what these ladies have got to say about the hard rock and heavy metal scene in the heart of Moscow.

Metal Maidens

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